Several CLWA members attended an evening workshop hosted by Shearman & Sterling entitled "Inside the Mind of a Hiring Partner.” The event, geared towards rising 2Ls, provided practical advice on topics ranging from bidding strategies, OCI interview techniques, and call-back etiquette. Hiring partners John Cannon (Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits Group) and Laura Friedrich (Global Asset Management Group) provided an insider's view of the hiring process.
Panelists cautioned students not to view the interview process as a “weeding-out” procedure. Rather, students should appreciate that the hiring process is a firm’s opportunity to build an incoming class. Therefore, a panelist advised, students should focus on what they can contribute to a particular firm and recognize that firms are searching for an incoming summer associate with the right fit.

Another misconception among students, especially those who were in the workforce before beginning law school, is that an interview for a legal position will be a spit-fire question and answer session. Rather, interviews will typically be informal and conversational. As interviewers are looking for interviewees to be proactive, students should never respond with one word answers to an interview question. Additionally, the conversational nature of the interview should shape how students approach the resume writing process. Students should think about the positions or interests they feel comfortable and enthusiastic discussing, and choose to include in their resumes areas which can create a lively, meaningful conversation.

CLWA members who participated in the event agree that the insights provided by the Shearman & Sterling hiring partners will be invaluable for this upcoming hiring season and beyond. CLWA would like to thank Sherman & Sterling, its hiring partners who participated in the event, and moderators Jessica Maroney Shillito and Dan Vatanaviggun. 

As part of its mission to assist women in the legal field, CLWA connects its member to events and programs which provide guidance for navigating law school and the legal profession. We hope that you can benefit from these programs by joining join CLWA and participating in its future events.

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